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Drystone Walls & Ditches of South West Ireland

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Originally from Whitby, North Yorkshire, England. I now live near Schull, West Cork, in the southwest of Ireland, I first got interested in stonework when I became interested in helping repair isolated stone structures on the North Yorkshire Moors. I later learned drystone walling in the 1980's in Yorkshire. Upon moving to Ireland my interest has grown and I've worked as a stone mason (as wallers are called here), built drystone walls, garden features, retaining walls and stone houses. Wherever I go around the world I take my camera and capture pictures of interesting walls - well there interesting to me!

When not building walls I can normally be found hillwalking, canoeing, running or cycling, birdwatching, and in winter hedgelaying. Or even reading the paper. I am one of only 7 qualified members of the Hedge Laying Association of Ireland. ( I'm probably the only Englishman to have laid hedges in England, Ireland and Holland (twice).

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